Embodied NVC Inside Yourself: Knowing What You Need | taught by Max Rivers

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E-NVC Inside of Yourself

In order to achieve the overall goal of learning how to communicate in a way that you can get your needs satisfied, the first step is knowing what it is you are needing! This is actually one of the most difficult parts of the E-NVC process.

That will be the focus of these first three chapters.

We’ll be discussing what creates the obstacles to self-knowledge.

In addition, we’ve developed a more body-centered approach to understanding how your needs (which we now call your “Heart’s Desires”) are actually a living energy inside of you which create both all of your satisfaction, as well as the uncomfortable feelings which we tend to ignore or even try to suppress in this culture, but which hold the real secret to our happiness and to success in relationships.

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Max Rivers
Max Rivers

Max Rivers
The Marriage Mediator

Course Curriculum

2. Understanding Feelings
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3. Forbidden Needs: How Needs Cause Us to Fall In Love
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