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Embodied Communication: How to negotiate any relationship so that everyone's needs are met. | taught by Max Rivers

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Hi, I’m Max Rivers, the Marriage Mediator, and you're being invited to test our this series of edited recordings of my “Foundations of NVC” 12 week training (recorded during the Winter of 2015). Each weekly class recording will be one chapter. We call these classes “Foundations” because we will be teaching you the basic underlying principles of NVC for use in your daily life. The Foundations training is divided into three sections:

Foundations I: NVC Inside of Yourself
Foundations II: Speaking NVC to Others, and
Foundations III: Listening using NVC, also called “Deep Empathy”

The NVC process which I’ll be teaching you has evolved from Marshall Rosenberg’s original textbook: “Non-Violent Communication: A Language of Life.” Reading that book was the way I learned NVC.

After all I learned from Marshall’s book, Robert Gonzalez was the next in line to add to my understanding of how to make NVC more alive and useful.

One of his students, named Steven Michael Tumolo expanded my understanding of the beauty of the need to now include how it lives inside you, how our needs are embodied. And that's why I now call this work Embodied NVC.

Finally, because my specific application of ENVC is as a Marriage Mediator my focus has been how to understand the way we negotiate our needs in our most intimate relationships.

I teach my classes twice a year, in the fall and in the winter, but lots of people discover NVC at other times of the year, so I decided to make these recording available online.

Let me know how this format works for you.

So your next step will be to try the class: ENVC Inside You.

Max Rivers
Max Rivers

Max RIvers


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